The CBSE was given its present name Central Board of Secondary Education’s in the year 1952. The Board was reconstituted in the year 1962 when its jurisdiction was extended. Education being a subject on the concurrent list of Indian constitution-most of the states also have their own educational boards with different curriculum. 

Salient Features :

01. Sprawling 5 acres

02. campus Wi-Fi enabled campus

04. Trained & Experienced Faculties

05. Interactive teaching in class rooms through digital classes

06. Competitive Fee Structure

07. Air Cooled Dormitories

08. Extensive Sports Ground

09. 24 hours Power Back up

10. C.C. TV campus with access control system

11. C.C.E. activities including Group discussion, Speech, Presentation etc... to develop communication skill among students.

12. C.C.A. activities including Art Craft classes, Essay Writing Compt., Quiz, Drama etc... for overall development of students.

Medium Of Instruction

The medium of instruction is English. 


a) The administration of Manorma Devi Public School vests in Board of Trustees, Disha Education Social & welfare Trust.

b) The Principal deals with the day to day administration of the school and ensures that the general policy laid down by the Board of Truste Disha Education Social&welfare Trust



A huge and spacious campus spread over 5 acres of land with academic blocks, playgrounds and fields for various sports such as football, cricket, basketball etc. 

Pre-Primary Section

It would be pertinent to state that the KG section is well furnished and equipped with a ball room and other toys which promote their psycho motor development. To promote the concept of learning with fun class rooms in KG section have been equipped with recreational infrastructure.  

 Disciplinary Committee

The Disciplinary Committee keeps strict vigil on the overall discipline of the students in all corners of the school and is also authorized to take major decisions like long term suspension/termination etc., in case of severe disobedience or misconduct.

The disciplinary committee of the school comprises of :

 Vice Principal

 Administrator Coordinator

 Secondary & Primary

Incharge, Examination




Office Superintendent


 Academic and Co-Curricular Activities

We are fully aware of the fact that education is not merely completing course, conducting exam and declaring result. It is much more than that. It is preparation of a child for life. Equal emphasis is laid on both academics and co-curricular activities. And our school has shown commendable achievement both in academics and co-curricular activities. Our school has been placed in the very good category of school at national level for its spectacular performance both in std X Board Exam and std VIII C.C.E Education Board Exam.

Students participates in assembly activities every day in the form of thoughts presentation, news reading, G.K Quiz and declamation.

Our students participate in various competitions like essay, quiz, dance, painting, sports activities etc both at the state and national level.

 Assembly and Moral Education

To inculcate moral values in the student, the school starts each working day with the morning assembly, that includes recitation of veda-mantra, Devotional songs, patriotic songs and thought for the day. Stress is laid on the universal aspects and eternal values of traditional Indian culture. Short speeches are given by the students are read out daily. Every morning the assembly disperses with the singing of the National Anthem.

It is our prayer to God that may our students and the institution flourish ever more, shedding the light of knowledge all over India.

 Salient Features Of Our School

  1. Trained, experienced and dedicated staff.

  2. Before the commencement of regular classes, morning assembly is held which aims at imbibing moral values in students and providing opportunity to expose themselves on the stage.

  3. P.T. drill is practiced twice a week for keeping the students physically fit.

  4. Games, Sports and C.C.A. are the necessary part of our curriculum.

  5. Inculcation of moral values by teaching compulsorily the value oriented education. Hawan is performed on every Saturday and Vedic-Initiation Camps are held every year.

  6. Educational tours, trekking, picnic etc. are part and parcel of education.

  7. Holding of Parents – Teacher meet at regular intervals.

  8. Compulsory Computer education.

  9. Due stress is given on character building.

  10. Regular assigning and checking of home work.

  11. Tuition is strictly prohibited and parent’s care for the child at home is indispensable.

  12. Provision of extra classes.

  13. Conversation in English is binding while at.

 Our Aim

The main aim of this institution is at providing a serene ambience rich in latest methodologies & infrastructure that grooms young minds making them aptly stronger for challenges to the future. In the light of our goal to develop students high standards of morality, ethics & culture. Education is the real key to the development. Prosperity is inconceivable citizen. Our efforts are directed towards helping and motivation our students to excel and achieve great heights in life. We want that education by which character is formed strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s own feet through self-discipline & high intellectual achievements. We aspire to shape up the students into intellectually enlightened morally upright spiritually oriented, socially committed and emotionally balanced youngsters. We impart quality education to the students for their holistic development so that they are prepared to face boldly & bravely the increasing challenges of this complex & competitive world.


An Art and craft Exhibition and a Science Exhibition are held every year.

 C.C.E. System

The school strictly follows C.C.E. system introduced by the C.B.S.E. Pen Paper Test / Oral Test Class Activities / Assessment / Survey / Projects are frequently conducted to develop the hidden talent of the students in the field of scholastic & coscholastic areas. Workshop / Seminars are organized for the teachers / students to make them familiar with the new developments iniated by C.B.S.E. time to time.